We'll Teach You The Secret To Storing Food Your Family Loves and Will Actually Eat With The

AKA: How To Plan and Stock Up 6 Months of Food Storage in 2 Short Weeks!

When it comes to FOOD STORAGE:

❌ You know prophets and apostles have asked us to prepare food and water to feed our families for a time of need BUT it always feels like one extra thing that you'll eventually get to.

❌ You don’t know where to start with building a food storage - those generic food storage calculators online have none of the ingredients you regularly use!

❌ Groceries can be expensive! With seemingly daily price increases, it feels like your grocery bill is constantly growing!

❌ You have young kids who are picky eaters, so even if you did build up a storage of food, there’s a good chance that your kids would still struggle to eat it.

When it comes to MEAL PLANNING:

❌ There’s the constant frustration (DAILY!).

❌ You feel like you have to recreate the wheel every time you sit down to plan your meals.

❌ You would love to not have to go to the grocery store to pick up that extra item you forgot...every week!

❌ Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just shop your shelves of your pantry like you do at the grocery store and know that everything you need is there, ready to go on a busy night?

This is where the Food Storage Bundle comes in!

We’ve designed a unique system that exists nowhere else!

We’re bringing together the 2 worlds of...

Meal Preparation


Food Storage

And giving you the BEST of them both!!

The Food Storage Bundle is for YOU if...

  • You've wanted to build a food storage for a long time but don't know where to start 😩
  • You only have old school food storage that you doubt anyone will eat in a real emergency 😱
  • You don't know how to store long term the food your family eats day to day
  • You see you money slipping away as the prices on groceries continue to increase 💸 You're not sure how to save money on groceries while also stocking up on food storage!
  • You've felt the urge to prepare but feel overwhelmed and alone 😢
  • You move every few months and don't know how to utilize a living food storage (news flash - living food storage was MADE for you!)
  • You want to make time to get prepared and build your food storage but don't know how to fit it in your busy schedule
  • You feel constrained by a small living space and don't know where to store food!
  • You want to prepare out of faith and not fear 😀

Here’s How It Works

Every day you'll get an email with:

- One short video training you'll watch in your app (or on YouTube)

- ONE simple homework assignment broken into BABY STEPS

That's IT!

Just think...in 20 minutes a day you'll lose the overwhelm of building a food storage forever! (and build up 6 months+ of food storage in the process!!)



$697 VALUE

Transform how you build and maintain your food storage forever.

Our 14-day method teaches you to save time by having a meal planning system that only takes a few minutes per week.

You'll cut your grocery spending by $$$ by having a system that’s easy to stick to that you and your family love + using a variety of shelf stable and fresh ingredients.

Every day for 14 days you'll receive a short email with a corresponding video and assignment so you can truly internalize the concepts we teach. These concepts are simple and easy-to-understand so you can feel success even on day 1!

2 Week App Access

Our BONUS companion app takes ALL of the stress of tracking and rotating your food storage out of the equation!

You'll get 2 week's FREE access to our paid membership that not only gives you the food storage inventory, but also, and expired foods list, digital recipe box, and exclusive video content.

($79 value)

Printable Workbook

In addition to having free access to the app to enter all of your information in, we're also including a printable workbook that you can use throughout the challenge to make your calculations and write down your goals.

We've transcribed everything from the daily videos and put it word-for-word in the workbook so you can refer back to the instructions again and again.

If it helps for you to write things out with a pen and paper, this workbook is for you!

($49 value)

Conversion Chart

Knowing how to convert fresh ingredients you use every day into self-stable options can be a challenge.

With this quick reference sheet, we share self-stable swaps for 11 different common ingredients.

You can even print out the chart and keep it with your food storage for easy access.

($59 value)

Private Facebook Group

You'll get access to a bundle-specific Facebook group where you can report on your assignments (hello accountability!) and ask questions when you get stuck.

($59 value)



Be sure to read over our refund policy before purchasing!

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